We Are Pregnant

Upon my finding out that we were pregnant, naturally, I had all sorts of emotions rushing through me. They came from my stomach, from the back of my chest, from my lungs (left then right, I remember noticing). It was a bubbling array of physiological responses to the simple phrase, "I'm pregnant."

3 very big syllables.

My emotions have mostly settled, as one would assume, but I still have those surreal moments of sudden realization. It's like when a loved one passes and weeks later, while driving to the store or something completely mundane, and suddenly it hits you: 'Oh yeah, they're gone.' Except it's the opposite direction, I suppose. 'I'm going to be a dad.' Not someday. Not maybe. But certainly, and soon.

With that in mind, I wanted to reboot this website. I'm rebooting a lot, so why not this old thing? I want to turn this site in to something that my child(ren? ?) can later read to learn more about their parents, the times we're living in, and whatever other mumbo jumbo I decide to tether to the time capsule that is the Internet. Especially during such an interesting time!

I have long neglected my web presence for a number of reasons, mostly revolving around privacy. The Internet can be a very scary place, and villains of the world have long leveraged it's information to do great harm. Furthermore, the Internet is practically eternal.

More on all of that at a later date. For now, I must sign off, for the hour is late, and I've been told to get my rest while I still can.