Brandon, unmasked, circa 2020

I'm an IT knowledge worker with a love for all things design and web.
I lead the IT, prepress, & automation teams at BPI Media Group, a commercial printer focused on serving distributed workforces in the Southeastern US.

A teenager in the 90s 👴 I spent many nights playing computer games over a dial-up modem. One fateful night, I accidentally downloaded a website (ctrl+s instead of ctrl+w) and realized I could edit the HTML file in Notepad. That typo would spark a lifelong interest in code.

When I'm not at a computer, I enjoy spending time in nature. I spent my youth hiking & camping around the Southeastern US. Enjoying my time on the trails, I started trail runningtrail buddy as I pushed 30. So far, this climaxed in a Spartan Trifecta and a marathon through downtown Savannah, Georgia.

My wife and I welcomed our son into the world amidst a viral pandemic 🐣 We are super excited to explore these outdoor spaces together as he gets older.

Site Design & Credits

I've had some interation of personal website since 2002 which I inevitably nuke and rebuild every few years.


Inspired by 1% for the Planet, I routinely donate to the following endeavors: