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How I Work: Mastering Email & Your Time

If you need me immediately, do not email me. Call me.

First, try the office. Then, my cell phone. If you do not have my cell phone, send me a message on Google Hangout, or ask someone at the office for it. Leave me voicemail.

In an attempt to reduce distractions, I am only checking emails three times a day: AM, lunch, and PM. If you have any interest as to why, please continue reading.


Trello & the Personal Kanban

Day 1

I stumbled upon this Personal Kanban 101 slideshow the morning of Monday, December 23rd. By 10AM, I had all of my personal and private tasks under one roof, Trello. This was previously spread over Wunderlist, HabitRPG, and Evernote.


Good Enough

Perfect is a subjective, moving target. Learn to not let that prevent you from gaining ground.

Like the rocking horse that is always moving but never gaining ground, you can get stuck fine-tuning or building upon an idea and never really allow it to blossom because it’s not perfect.

Good enough is a great start.

Launching with 60% of the end-goal accomplished is better than never launching and getting to 95% of the end-goal.

Don’t get stuck. Recognize good enough, and move forward, instead of dwelling in the same spot.