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Cellphones suck the Life from the Moment

Notifications ask for a quick glance. Coworkers want you to drop everything else to help them. Passing thoughts beg for your focus.

One’s focus & time are both precious and fleeting. Regain them by changing your surroundings, starting with that pocket computer.


How I Work: Mastering Email & Your Time

If you need me immediately, do not email me. Call me.

First, try the office. Then, my cell phone. If you do not have my cell phone, send me a message on Google Hangout, or ask someone at the office for it. Leave me voicemail.

In an attempt to reduce distractions, I am only checking emails three times a day: AM, lunch, and PM. If you have any interest as to why, please continue reading.


Trello & the Personal Kanban

Day 1

I stumbled upon this Personal Kanban 101 slideshow the morning of Monday, December 23rd. By 10AM, I had all of my personal and private tasks under one roof, Trello. This was previously spread over Wunderlist, HabitRPG, and Evernote.