Brandon Rome

senior millennial

Hiya! 👋

I’m a full-stack webmaster living in the beautiful state of Alabama. I have nearly two decades of experience getting small businesses online & developing rich web applications to empower them.

I am not currently accepting new projects.

In the meantime, you can keep up with me on Twitter (inactive) or read the occasional overtly nerdy blog post.


Revisiting old values & seeking quiet in Gadsden, Alabama.

  • Training for my first marathon! (1 month out 🙌) Dying during long runs every Saturday, alongside great friends & a good dog.
  • Listening to Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman of Ron Swanson fame. Most of the stories have a bit of a moral, and I’m enjoying his blend of $1 & 4-letter words. (I recently finished Ready Player One & Sapiens.)
  • Watching Bleach. On episode ~320 at this moment. Maybe I should have skipped the filler episodes. I feel like they offer added insights to character relationships & development, but some of these story arcs are blatant fluff designed to fill in the gaps. And they’re painful to endure.

last updated: October 2018